2011 Josiah Royce Society Conference

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Friday, September 23 and Saturday Morning, September 24, 2011

Josiah Royce's philosophy has been unduly neglected by American philosophers since his death in 1916. However, three recent developments in Royce studies might introduce his thought to a much larger audience than ever before. First, there is a critical edition of the works and papers of Josiah Royce underway at the Institute for American Thought at IUPUI. Second, a comprehensive index of the papers of Josiah Royce was recently completed through the hard work and effort of Frank Oppenheim, with assistance from Dawn Aberg and John Kaag. The Josiah Royce Comprehensive Index will give Royce scholars an opportunity to glean new insights into Royce's writings. Third, there has been an increasing body of literature on Royce's philosophy published within the last ten years. Recent scholarship on Royce includes discussions of Royce's contributions to feminist epistemology, international relations, medical ethics, logic, pedagogical theory, philosophy of science, race theory, and social philosophy.

With all the exciting recent developments in Royce studies, this is a good opportunity to reexamine Royce's philosophy and its place in contemporary thought. This conference is a chance for scholars interested in Royce's thought to contribute to the studies on this great thinker.

Keynote Speaker:
Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley (California State University - Bakersfield)

The Josiah Royce Society
Institute for American Thought, IUPUI

Dwayne Tunstall, Vice President of the Josiah Royce Society (Grand Valley State University)

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